Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bigger focus on Vita games compared to the PSP launch

Speaking before E3, Sony's head of WorldWide Studios Suhei Yoshida told us that the company's decision to concentrate much more on PS3 software than PSP titles was a "mistake" and hurt the handheld.

However, it is not a mistake that Sony will make twice.

"We are doing about the same number of titles [on Vita as on PS3] so that means a lot," "One of the things we didn't do to well to support PSP was that right after PSP came out we moved on to working on the PS3 launch titles. "So we shifted too much resource out of PSP so after a couple of years the PSP support when quickly down."
They tried making up for the lost time a phew years ago, but Sony thinks it was already to late by then. This time around, Sony will balance PS3 and Vita production evenly and bring out allot of triple-A games for both systems.


  1. Well it's good that Sony is gonna focus on this portable because the PSP had so much potential. Don't get me wrong I love my PSP, but Japan gets more games than North America and Europe combined. The cross platforming idea is genius.