Saturday, August 20, 2011

Resistance: Burning Skies dev finds Vita not that different to PS3

Resistance: Burning Skies developer Nihilistic hasn’t struggled with the transition from PlayStation 3 to Vita development.

“[Sony] were looking for PS3 developers to milk the power out of the Vita, and I think that’s definitely the right way to go because it’s got a lot of power,” Nihilistic’s Rob Heubner told the US PS Blog.

“It’s got all the shaders, it’s got a lot of CPU.”

Huebner said similarities between the PlayStation 3 and Vita’s capabilities meant it wasn’t “really that big of a change” for the studio to switch over to the new portable.

“We’re a PlayStation 3 company. That’s our engine, that’s our technology,” he said.

The developer also teased upcoming “surprises” foregrounding Vita’s unique controller set in addition to announced touch screen and twin-stick schemes.

No release date has been set for Resistance: Burning Skies

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