Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Epic’s Rein keen on Vita

Mark Rein is a key figure behind one of the most successful and prevalent engines in our industry, the Unreal Engine. So when he likes a new bit of tech – say, the PS Vita – it’s time to pay attention. In his eyes the handheld blew him away and he wanted to take one home with him immediately.
Commenting that he’d “love” to do games for the system, Rein said Vita is an entirely new kind of device.

“The PSP was never that kind of a device,” he said, adding “People are worried about where Vita lives in the world of iPod Touch and iPhone, but it’s a completely different device.

“It’s hard until the device is in the market and people know how users are gonna respond, but I came away really lusting for one.”

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