Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sony 'thinking about' PS Vita Activity feature for PS3

Sony’s hinted that PlayStation Vita’s Activity feature may eventually come to PlayStation 3.

Speaking at the Develop 2011 conference, Sony Europe’s R&D manager Phil Rogers commented, "We're thinking about it,” adding, “Possibly, but if you think of the XMB interface: how do you represent that there?

"But we're thinking about it and it's a feature that a lot of developers and publishers asked for it because it's really useful to keep that whole [game] discussion [going]." 

For those out of the loop, Activity offers a feed of your friends’ game-related achievements, such as telling you the amount of Trophies your mate has earned for a specific title. In addition, it’ll also allow gamers to retweet friends and comment on their accomplishments.
PS Vita's online component is comprised of four key features: LiveArea, Near, Party and, of course, Activity.

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