Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PS Vita is 'technically brilliant,' says SEGA West boss

SEGA West overlord Mike Hayes has heaped praise on PlayStation Vita, labelling Sony’s shiny new pocket brick as ‘technically brilliant.’

Chatting with IndustryGamers, Hayes made it clear that the company is fully behind the tech-heavy handheld, making note of Sony’s desire to target hardcore gamers with the device.

"We had Virtua Tennis World Tour on PSP when it first came out. It was one of the biggest 3rd party sellers - obviously bigger in Europe than it will be in the States, but we've managed to use a lot of the functionality of Vita. And we've made it very clear we're going to support Sony with that title," said Hayes.

"It's interesting on Vita - technically it's brilliant, it's beautiful, and it's really great to play. And Sony has made it very clear they want to target core gamers primarily. So we take that on board with the titles that we're going to bring out."

Hayes added that he thinks one of Vita’s main attractions will be its diverse range of software prices, noting the scales won’t just be tipped in favour of high-end releases.

"The nice thing about the Vita, I think, is ultimately going to be the range of software pricing types that you can put on it so it's not just the high end game at the high end price,” he offered.

"You can do the mid-point, more like your XBLA or PSN titles and of course maybe even a small bite size of more app type software. For me, the strength of that device is the whole spectrum of software, that will either sell as physical or as digital. That, I think, is a big point of difference for us as a developer."

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